Integer Factorization with the Number Field Sieve

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Outstanding thesis dealing with number theory / Lukuteorian alaan kuuluva loistava opinnäytetyö julkaistu RAMKissa

Viet Pham Hoang shows his mathematical talent in an outstanding way in his thesis Integer Factorization with the General Number Field Sieve. The thesis is done at Rovaniemi University Applied Sciences in Degree Programme in Information Technology. 

Integer factorization is central for the safety of the public key cryptography. Cryptography is used in telecommunications every day and it is core issue developing the safety of electronic services. The fastest method in effective use of the public key cryptography is General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) for factorization of large integers.

This publication concentrates on explaining the most significant details understanding and also implementing the GNFS. Firstly, the underlying principle of GNFS is explained including the history and mathematical foundation of the method. Then, with implementation codes, the thesis explains several computing techniques which support the transition of GNFS from theory to practise. Publication also presents an extended setup for the Condor distributed computing system. Viet also illustrates how the algorithm works in practise by showing the data produced at every step.

- Viet masters abstract algebra and number theory far beyond the level required in RAMK University of Applied Sciences, says his supervisors senior lecturer Jouko Teeriaho and principal lecturer Veikko Keränen from the Degree Programme in Information Technology.  Thesis shows outstanding gift and it is a top class research. This publication can inspire those who work with the number theory and the methods related to decomposing integers.

Viet Pham Hoang, Integer Factorization with the General Number Field Sieve
Publication Series: B no 12
Year: 2008
p. 142
ISSN: 1239-7733
ISBN: 978-952-5153-77-4 (vol)
ISBN: 978-952-5153-78-1 (PDF)
Price: 15 €

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