Business Crisis and Its Management

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- Crisis management as a part of safety and security management in a tourism company

The new book of Pekka Iivari gives good insight for the world of society with new risks and how they are handled in tourism companies.

In tourism industry customers, partners and employees expect a company to have a high level of know-how in safety due the present situation related to new risks. At the business and organizational level, security is also an important matter of quality. The main emphasis in organizational safety and security management is on preventing undesired incidents. Safety and security management should also include prevention and management of possible crisis following the incident.

Crises are unavoidable in the tourism sector, which is susceptible to various abnormal situations. This book deals with the basic characteristics of crises, the various phases of an individual´s experience of a crisis development of a company´s readiness to deal with a crisis and planning of communication. This book is intended to support tourism safety and security management at the practical level in companies and in organisations belonging to a tourism safety and security network.

This book shares important information about business crisis management and it can provide new knowledge and ideas for researchers, developers and entrepreneurs in tourism industry.

Iivari Pekka (2012), Business Crisis and Its Management - Crisis management as a part of safety and security management in a tourism company

Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences Publication Series C no 31

Content 93 pages

ISSN 1239-7741
ISBN 978-952-5923-31-5 (bind)
ISBN 978-952-5923-32-2 (PDF

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