South Kola Travel Guide

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Geographically in Europe, mentally so far away! This is said in our travel guide which is produced in project LapKola 2 and written by Jussi Konttinen.

Travel guide to South Kola tells about tourism possibilities, travelling in the region and places where you can find food and lodging. The book includes informative maps of the cities and other areas in the souther oart of Murmansk oblast.

Jussi Konttinen has written guide book which is even more than basic information about South Kola. He takes readers to adventure where you can read stories about skiing in the Khibiny Mountains, visiting the tundra´s Sami reindeer herders and relaxing in a steaming sea plant in a small village of the White Sea. There are also wonderful color pictures of the landscapes of the South Kola area.

Travel guide is produced in the EU-funded Interreg-Tacis joint project LapKola 2 - Development of cross-border tourism business between Lapland and South Kola.

Konttinen Jussi. South Kola - A travel guide to the southern part of Murmansk oblast.
Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences publication serie C no 19.

196 pages
ISSN: 1239-7741
ISBN: 978-952-5153-76-7 (pdf.)

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