Developing simulation pedagogy

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- for Nursing Education in a European Network

This book presents the results of the International Learning Modules for Nursing Education (ILME) project and gives an overview of the studies that are done in a European Network (TOVI).

Part I introduces three ILME modules and the integration of PBL and simulation (PBLS) into the nursing curriculum. Part II is about researching computer related simulations. Part III focuses on training and assessment of simulations among health care professionals. The writers of the book are experts in simulation and pedagogic methods and they give new perspective for the new development work in this area by these articles.

Esa Poikela & Outi Tieranta eds. (2013). Developing Simulation Pedagogy for Nursing Education in a European Network.

Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, Publications Series A no 4

Content 71 p
ISSN 1239-7725
ISBN 978-952-5923-67-4 (bind)
ISBN 978-952-5923-68-1 (PDF)

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