Business Security and Russia

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Business Security and Russia booklet provides an overall picture of the areas of security that need to be taken into consideration in business operation connected to Russia. The author Pekka Iivari has produced this booklet in the project Doing Business Safely in Russia.

The booklet particularly emphasises the Russian aspects of business security. Iivari states that background checks of potential business partners, working with security companies, familiarity with the operating culture of the authorities and ensuring economic security are prerequisites for sustainable business operation in Russia.

This booklet also covers areas like information security, the threat of serious crime, environmental safety, fire safety and rescue operation, travel safety and safe living in light of the challenges presented by the Russian operating environment. The author extensively analyses business security and offers practical guidelines for anticipating and managing security risks.

Iivari Pekka
Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences publication series C number 17
Year: 2008
Content: 179 p.
ISSN: 1239-7741
ISBN: 978-952-5153-67-5 (vol.)
ISBN: 978-952-5153-68-2 (PDF)
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Delivery costs: 5 €

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