Training abroad

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As RAMK’s student you have the opportunity to carry out your practical training period abroad. There is not a specific application period and you can carry out the training when most suitable for your studies. RAMK’s students find a practical training place themselves. You can look for practical training places in newspapers and magazines and through the Internet. You can find good hints from Training Reports, which you can familiarize yourself with at the International Office. Your degree programme might have training places through different partner universities and you can have more information from international coordinator of your campus (please, see contact information).

Most important is to plan your exchange in good time in advance. The grant for exchange does not cover all the expenses of the ex-change, therefore student must prepare to finance their exchange period themselves. For receiving the grant the duration of the training period must be at least 3 months and accumulate 5 ECTS / month. The higher university of applied sciences degree students can carry out a shorter exchange. The content of the training must be planned carefully with the teacher in charge of the training so that it corresponds to the objectives set for the training. The international coordinator of your campus and the International Office provide more guidance and help for the exchange (please, see Contact information).

Training destinations

Training grants, instructions and forms can vary depending on whether your training is carried out in Europe or outside Europe. For more information about these two training possibilities, please see the links below.
  • For training in Europe you can apply for RAMK travel grant and Erasmus grant for Training.
  • For training outside Europe you can apply for RAMK travel grant.

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