Preparing mobility period

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Preparing the mobility period abroad

All students of Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (RAMK)  have a possibility to gain international experience abroad in both study and placement/training period. All students should prepare the mobility period carefully and well in advance because the exchange process contains many arrangements. Students plan their international exchange at the beginning of their studies and carry out the exchange on the second or third year of their studies.

Study or placement period abroad has to be properly planned and based on the learning agreement. Well planned and mutually agreed learning agreement assures the study or placement period will be approved to students degree. All changes to studies during the mobility period has to been added to learning agreement changes form. The mobility period is recognised in students' final record also.

Students can have financial support for their mobility period in the form of different grants. Each student planning exchange must be prepared to finance some part of the mobility period themselves as well. This is also one reason to start prepare the exchange in well advance. 

For more information on study and placement period, please read the headings on the left side of this page. For guidance, please see the contact information and contact the international office or the international coordinator of your study field.

Language skills and cultural knowledge

Mobility period is an effective way to develop the language skills and cultural knowledge. Mobility period gives also a wider perspective to the studies and increase the international competence for the future career. All students going abroad should have a sufficient language proficiency to complete planned study and/or placement period. The main thing is to check the possible language requirements for spesific mobility destination well in advance. This way student can make plans for possible extra language training or courses together with the international coordinator or international office and teacher tutor. It is also good to remember that the mobility period can be an ideal option to develop and deepen the existing language skills.

In RAMK all students have compulsory language courses as a part of their degree. In addition students can choose more language courses as elective studies. To get more information about the language skills for mobility period students can contact the international coordinator of their study field or the international office. To get more information on language courses at RAMK students can contact the language teachers or the teacher tutor. 

RAMK provides each semester an orientation for all students going abroad. This orientation includes information on mobility processes with practicalities, intercultural communication -lecture and international cafe. The idea of the international cafe is to bring together students going abroad, students who have been abroad and present international students to share information about countries, language  and cultural knowledge and also give tips for student preparing the mobility period.

To have more information and tips for mobility period, language and cultural knowledge students can familiarise themselves with the study reports of students who have completed already mobility period. These reports are located at the international coordinator of the study field and the International Office. The reports are for everyone to read and give tips for preparations, language and cultural issues and students experiences on exchanges. 

For more information on study and placement period, please read the headings on the left side of this page. For guidance, please see the contact information and contact the international office or the international coordinator of your study field.

Internationalisaton at home

In addition to international mobility RAMK offers many possibilities for internationalisation at home. RAMK has three degree programmes in English, many language studies and also international visiting lecturers. RAMK arrange different kinds of international events, such as theme days, seminars, information sessions and other events. Students can also become internationalised at home by being an international student tutor for incoming international students or by participating the Finnish Friend programme. 

For more information about International activities you can get from the international coordinator of your campus and at the International Relations Office (please, see Contact Information).

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