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Grants and terms

RAMK’s students have the possibility to apply grants for their exchange. Students can apply for RAMK’s travel grant and/or programme-specific grant. Information and terms mentioned in this page are valid in both travel grant and programme-specific grants. The amounts of programme-specific grants are mentioned on the internet-pages in programme-specific links where you find all updated programme-related information.
For receiving the grants the duration of the exchange period must be 3 months minimum and accumulate 6 ECTS / month for studying abroad and 5 ECTS / month for training abroad. The grant does not cover all the expenses of the exchange, on the contrary you will have to use your own assets. So do remember to prepare the exchange carefully and well in advance!
Grant applications must be filled electrically and with care so that all sections are filled properly and have all necessary signatures. Handwritten grant applications will not be accepted and will be returned to the student for refilling. The required bank-account number must be in IBAN-form. The grant must be applied at least four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the exchange. The grant is paid inside 14 days from the delivery of all necessary documents which are correctly filled. Deliver all required documents in time, because RAMK travel grant will not be granted afterwards.
Freemover study exchange (= studying abroad in other than RAMK’s partner universities) is supported with RAMK’s grants. Precondition for the grant is that student has a permanent residence permit or a finnish citizenship and a permission for exchange from the head of degree programme. Most of the trainings abroad are so called freemover exchanges, because students find their training places by themselves. This kind of training abroad is for all students (despite of residence permit status or citizenship) and supported normally with grants.
  • Application forms are found:  forms
  • Application forms are linked to RAMK internal archives. To obtain the forms you will have to log in with your username and password that you have for RAMK computers. Before you fill in the application, record the form in your computer.

If you receive the grant you are committed to:
  • use the grant only to cover the expenses of travelling, living, lodging and language train-ing during your period of study or training abroad.
  • adhere the compiled study plan while abroad (= Learning agreement).
  • familiarize yourself with the international exchange guidelines before travelling abroad.
  • take care of all needed permits, insurances and vaccinations yourself.
  • to perform as RAMK’s representative and present your institution during your study or training exchange.
  • deliver all needed forms and reports from the exchange as instructed and in time. You allow your study / training report to be published also in RAMK’s web pages.
  • pay back all or part of your grant if you interrupt or terminate your studies abroad or if you do not deliver all required documents to the International Relations Office in time.


RAMK travel grant

  • Finnish degree students have a possibility to receive the RAMK travel grant twice; for study exchange and/or practical training exchange.
  • International degree programme students who do not have Finnish citizenship or do not have a permanent residency have the possibility to receive the grant twice for study ex-change and/or practical training exchange. Study exchange must take place in our Eu-ropean partner university.
  • Higher university of applied sciences degree students are paid 450 € for study exchange or training exchange. The duration of the exchange must be at least 5 weekdays.
  • The grant is not awarded if the student gets a travel grant through another programme such as Nordnatur, Nordplus, north2north, CIMO.
  • The amount of RAMK travel grant in 2013 is:


    • Nordic Countries, Europe, Russia 450 €
    • America, Asia, other continents 1000 €

Programme-specific grants for studying abroad:

  • Erasmus grant, in addition you can apply for RAMK’s travel grant with above-mentioned terms
  • FIRST grant, in addition you can apply for RAMK’s travel grant with above-mentioned terms
  • Nordnatur grant, excludes the RAMK travel grant
  • Nordplus grant, excludes the RAMK travel grant
  • North2North grant, excludes the RAMK travel grant
  • The amounts of programme-specific grants and terms are found on: studying abroad (programme-specific links)


Programme-specific grants for training abroad:

  • Training in Europe is supported with Erasmus grant and RAMK travel grant.
  • Training outside Europe is supported with RAMK travel grant.
  • The amounts of programme-specific grants are found on: training abroad (programme-specific links)

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